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fair value chains

We manage the whole value chain from seedlings cultivation through quality of production, crop harvesting, partner-supplier relationships with farmers, production processing, and export to conscious customers worldwide. 

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Building on the successful experience of working on development projects in East Africa, we are involved in setting up seedlings nurseries, intensive work with smallholder farmers, and acquisition of organic and fair trade markets for certified, premium quality products. 

FAIR Value Chain

Kenya: macadamia 

It all started when our founders from the Slovak enterprise investment fund Integra Co-op decided to protect smallholder Kenyan farmers from unscrupulous middlemen. We established a new fair trade concept of macadamia nuts production and trading. It relies on direct sourcing with instant mobile payments to farmers, modern macadamia nuts processing factory, maintenance of tree seedlings nurseries, continuous agronomist support to cooperating out-growers, and cultivating of long-lasting relationships with our business partners and customers.

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FAIR Value Chain

Kenya: cashew 

After establishing the first fair trade macadamia nuts factory in Nairobi, we later moved to the Kenyan coast. Based in Kilifi, we are currently working on renewing the formerly strong value chain for the export of cashew nuts from Kenya to international markets.

introduction of a new crop to

Ethiopia: macadamia

We initiated the introduction of macadamia to Ethiopia, where it has not grown in the past. Scientists anticipate that there will be a decline in production of Ethiopian arabica coffee due to climate change. Therefore, we are distributing seedlings to coffee farmers as a future supplemental cash crop.

GROW. introduction of macadamia in Ethiopia
GROW beekeeping ET honey

Beekeeping program in 

Ethiopia: honey 

While introducing an apiculture program for macadamia tree seedlings recipients in Ethiopia, we have created new job opportunities for women formerly excluded from beekeeping. In addition to macadamia, honey will provide another supplemental source of income for coffee farmers. Moreover, beekeeping contributes to the enhanced pollination of trees.  

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