how it all started

We started in March 2005 with the goal of creating sales opportunities for the disadvantaged producers, as well as contributing to the support of fair trade concept. In 2008, our founders from the Slovak enterprise investment fund Integra Co-op began to export the world’s first fair trade macadamia. In addition to processing and exporting macadamia nuts, we also set up macadamia nurseries to graft and distribute tree seedlings among Kenyan farmers. At the same time, Integra intensified its development cooperation with smallholder coffee farmers in Ethiopia. As a result, in 2010, we established a fair trade and organic coffee roastery.

GROW. macadamia graft nursery
GROW. macadamia nuts on tree
GROW. macadamia nuts in shell kenya

In 2017, Integra incorporated a new company in Kenya, with the aim to expand the macadamia business to other countries (starting with neighbouring Ethiopia), as well as add cashew nuts and dried fruit to the product line.

And this is how GROW.fairly was born.

OUR story

where are we now

Today, GROW. maintains 3 seedlings nurseries, cooperates directly with more than 16.000 smallholder farmers, and distributes ethically sourced nuts, coffee and dried fruit in Europe and North America. Besides the direct sourcing of their crops, we also provide farmers with agronomist support and trainings on sustainable, climate-smart practices.

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